The Beaverton

Two friends become better friends

HALIFAX, NS – Two acquaintances increased their friendship by 200 percent this week, thanks to the combined effect of two man-dates within a 36-hour period. Taking in a summer blockbuster o…


Jogger decides to sprint

BURNABY, BC – 32-year-old jogger Walter Finnesky made the decision to run faster on Tuesday. “I was puttering along, and this kid rides by so slowly on a bike,” Finnesky said. “So I picked …


Man quits family to spend more time with job

TORONTO, ON – The difficulty of balancing work life and family life led local businessman Ricky Canker to quit his family of three children and one wife last Tuesday, in order to devote mor…


Local man likes to think he’s funny

SCARBOROUGH, ON – After watching a comedy special featuring several top comics, 36-year-old suburbanite Peter Wisken made a formal announcement Thursday evening regarding his long-held belief tha…


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