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Wow! This advent calendar has 23 days of treats and one day containing a note saying your aunt has died

We thought we had seen everything under the sun for the Christmas season. But this year, a wild new calendar is taking the holiday by storm with its innovative new design!

Much like other calendars on the market, this one has 24 windows intended to be opened on each day leading up to Christmas. 23 of those days contain some sort of sweet treat to look forward to every morning. There’s nothing too crazy about the succulent desserts in this one, which includes everything from candied cashews to butterscotch drops to the classic sugarplums.

But what really sets this one apart is that one window opens up to reveal only a handwritten note from your father explaining that a beloved of yours has had an untimely passing and won’t be part of your life anymore. Crazy right!

Since Christmas hasn’t hit yet, we don’t know exactly what window the note is in, but early rumours suggest that it’s been placed seemingly at random. So you never know what day will hold a sugary delight and what day will shatter your emotional state due to your father’s heartbreaking revelation that a dear family member has perished.

Randolph and Sons Christmas Gifts Inc., the manufacturer of the calendar, has said that the notes will come in all manner of shapes and sizes: from hastily scrawled missives on cocktail napkins to lengthy and well-thought out ruminations on life and death which have been compiled and bound. Some rely heavily on euphemisms while others are straightforward. But rest assured! All notes are authored by your father and revolve around notifying you that your aunt is dead.

For those rare individuals without an aunt, the box will contain a similarly worded note revealing the existence of your father’s secret family in St. Louis.

It’s so great to see companies take a brave new approach to holiday traditions and we can’t wait to see what sort of ideas they have in store for next year! Merry Christmas!

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