Most popular TV show in each Province - The Beaverton

Most popular TV show in each Province

Canadians love television as long as it isn’t made in Canada. Check out this list of the most popular in each province.

: The B’ys

Nova Scotia: Tie: Real Housewives of the Cabot Trail and Diners, Drive-Ins and Donair

: do we really need to say?

New Brunswick: Race Against The Tide, we left the on the beach edition

: you’ve never heard of it but all 88 million people in Quebec watch it

: Desperate House Hunters

Manitoba: Malcolm in the Middle

: Repeats of the 2013 Grey Cup

Alberta: Yellowstone but only the scenes where they talk about big city elites ruining everything and/or Kelly Reilly is wearing a low cut top

: Desperate House Hunters B.C.