The Beaverton

Book author finally lands Twitter deal

CALGARY – A Calgary woman has been offered a $6 million Twitter deal following years of successfully self-publishing in the book industry. “Matha Stanford’s witty, quirky 140 page novellas …


Jesus Christ stuck in big traffic jam

SOUTH GLENGARRY, – An overturned tractor trailer in the eastbound lane of the 401 near the Ontario-Quebec border is creating massive traffic jams and severe delays for Jesus Christ, who was…


UBC student blown away by science lecture

VANCOUVER- A student at the University of British Columbia was blown away by an intense astronomy lecture early this morning. James Barnabey, 20, a third year English major completing his science…


Eminem makes another mean face for photo shoot

NEW YORK – The famous “bad-boy” rapper Eminem explained at a press conference earlier this week that the mean faces he makes for newspapers, magazines, and other promotional material symbol…


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