"Poilievre is too extreme to win a general election," says man who also said that about Harper, Ford, Trump and the other Ford - The Beaverton

“Poilievre is too extreme to win a general election,” says man who also said that about Harper, Ford, Trump and the other Ford

Langley, BC – Local man Eric Anderson is confident that, even if he becomes Conservative leader, Pierre ’s extreme right-wing positions will make him totally unelectable, despite saying the exact same thing about nearly every successful right-wing politician over the last twenty years.

“As soon as the public hears about his plans to slash the social safety net and defund the CBC he’ll be toast,” said Anderson, who predicted that would finish third in the 2010 mayoral election and claimed that was a ‘dead man walking’ after the 2019 provincial election debates.

“Honestly I think the Conservatives might lose official party status if he’s the leader,” added the man who declared Brexit had no chance on the eve of the referendum.

Being absurdly wrong about nearly every right-wing movement for his entire adult life has not stopped Anderson from weighing in confidently on the issue, despite being well aware of the time he had to remove the ‘President Hillary Clinton’ profile picture he had shared the morning of the 2016 election.

“Poilievre’s positions do not line up with what the majority of Canadians want. And if we know one thing it’s that people always vote based on principals, and not just for whoever is standing there when they get sick of the last guy.”

In related news Anderson was predicting that this was finally gonna be the year the win the Cup.