Chris Cannon, Author at The Beaverton
Chris Cannon


Chris Cannon is a Vancouver-based writer and co-founder of the Canada Party. His book America but Better is a thing you should definitely buy.


Editorial: Where are all the White Fridays?

By: Jordan Peterson Imagine if you will, a sale of sorts, in which the hierarchical notion of sovereignty and power is given directly back to the consumer. This individual person of power, which …


Tom Brady cheats retirement

TAMPA BAY – Only six weeks after retiring from the NFL, Tom Brady has taken the air out of speculation on his future plans by announcing he will be joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for anot…


Quiz: Do you have Omicron? The answer is yes

Do you feel like you have Omicron, even though you have three vaccinations, no symptoms, and haven’t stepped outside your foyer barricade since 2020? Don’t be ridiculous, you definitely have it. …