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Where are they now? The “Yodeling Kid” from Walmart Is inside your house!

YOUR HOUSE – With the internet creating so many more celebrities these days, it’s amazing where some of them can end up! The dancing Star Wars kid is an attorney in Massachusetts, many vine stars have their own various businesses, and that darling kid who sang in Walmart has gone from Osheaga to inside your home after finding your address on an old Facebook page!

It’s amazing where stars from the last few years have ended up. Rebecca Black is still releasing music and schmoozing it up in LA. Daniel from that “Damn, Daniel” video is sporting some killer sneakers in his social media posts. And Lil’ Hank Williams also known as the “Walmart kid” is no longer a kid. He’s inside your home! Waiting in your closet! Collecting your hair samples for a small effigy he has going with some kind of likeness to you.

Some viral celebrities have been able to make a stable career from their short blip in the spotlight. Antoine Dodson, known for talking about a bedroom intruder in Lincoln park, split the proceeds of his viral auto-tuned song and is now a Tik Tok sensation! “Cash me Outside” girl from Dr. Phil is counting that cash inside, after creating a huge youtube following for her music. And Lil’ Hank Williams, who now goes by Mason Ramsay, has been slowly getting access to all your passwords for various banks and online currency companies you have money on. Once he’s done with you, he’ll take on your identity, as he has with many others. He moves your funds into some offshore accounts, you see he’s been on the run for awhile and the only way to keep his head above water is to keep paying his debts. These are no normal debtors. They have him by the balls. And they aren’t going anywhere. So this cycle of violence all starting with one yodelling kid in a Walmart has led him down this life… for as long as it lasts.

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