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Jason Kenney finally delivers best summer ever

EDMONTON – After promising Albertans the “best summer ever” in 2021, Premier has finally delivered on his word by resigning.

received 514% of the vote in a leadership review which, based on the new education curriculum the United Conservative introduced, is short of the 51% Kenney said would give him the authority to stay on.

“A lot of politicians don’t deliver on their promises, and for a while I thought Kenney would be no exception,” said Edmonton nurse Susan Coleman. “But he deserves credit for finally stepping up and improving .”

To celebrate Kenney’s achievement, the has begun making more “Best Summer Ever” ballcaps. The hats were first made in 2021 to celebrate Kenney making the province ’s leader in cases.

“I can’t wait to wear one to a barbeque with my surviving friends and family,” said Calgary teacher Blake Lewis. “Thanks, Jason!”

As Albertans enjoy a Kenney-free summer, the UCP will start looking for an ineffectual caretaker capable of guiding them to a crushing 2023 electoral defeat.

“As long as a bunch of our disgruntled fringe weirdos don’t end up in charge of the party we should be okay,” said a UCP spokesperson.

At press time, Brian Jean was asking a bunch of disgruntled fringe weirdos if they would support his UCP leadership campaign.