Jokes on you, Russia! Trudeau doesn't have to visit you to appropriate your culture. - The Beaverton

Jokes on you, Russia! Trudeau doesn’t have to visit you to appropriate your culture.

So, in the Kremlin thought you were safe from cringe-inducing action by Justin just because you banned him from the country? Well, unfortunately for you, has been a superpower in terms of socially inappropriate politicians since 1988, and the Prime Minister can inevitably offend your entire nation without ever having set foot on Russian soil.

I , just look at the guy. What part of him looks like he’s not ready to pull out a hundred Yakoff Smirnoff bits within seconds of meeting any Eastern European?

Trudeau’s power of cringe doesn’t require any actual presence in your country. All those embarrassing outfits from his trip? He didn’t buy those there – he brought them with him.

And don’t think you did yourselves any favours either by barring the rest of either. If anything, you’ve somehow made Trudeau stronger. Rumour has it that the last time the Liberal leader broke out in an impromptu Cossak dance, more than a few MPs joined in.

To be fair, there was very little you could’ve done to avoid an awkward encounter with Trudeau. Even if you pulled out of tomorrow, Trudeau would’ve shown up to the next diplomatic meeting in an oversized bearskin hat, demanding everyone do a shot of vodka. If anything, it would’ve just made things worse, since he’d be confident you’d forgive him just like we always do for some reason.

Better brace yourselves, . We have reports he just asked a very confused make-up artist for tips about how he could best pull off “Russianface”.