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Saskatchewan man listing Provinces always forgets to include Saskatchewan

REGINA – Tim Hardstark, a life-long resident of the Province of , always forgets to include Saskatchewan when attempting to list all 10 and 3 territories.

“Let’s see, you have Ontario obviously, Quebec, B.C., Alberta, Manitoba… shit what’s the one in between those two?” asked the Regina resident.

“New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland. What is that nine? God I always miss one.”

Like many Canadians who didn’t pay attention during that one year replaced history in the school curriculum, Hardstark struggles to include the province best known for wheat, the wheat kings hockey team, and the Tragically Hip song Wheat Kings. Plus the grizzly murder and wrongful incarceration that song was based on. Unlike most Canadians, Hardstark is a resident of that province.

“I know it starts with an S. Or maybe it’s a P? Or am I just thinking P because the word Province starts with a P? God this is hard. Can you give me a hint?”

Eventually Hardstark figured it out when he glanced at his wall and saw 4 different framed jerseys belonging to Saskatchewan Roughriders players.

“Oh right! The one I live and work in and where all my family is from. I’ve heard of it.”

In related news when asked to label the Provinces on a blank of Canada Hardstark had just given up and gone home.