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Visiting kids excited to give mom the gift of coronavirus

HAMILTON – Many blowing off social distancing for Mother’s Day are looking forward to repaying their for 18 years of love and financial support with a potentially deadly disease.

daughter Anna Garcia is eager to share the gift of -19 with her mom, and 134 of her closest neighbours, and their neighbours, and their neighbours’ neighbours. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving”

Anna, whose mother lives in a small town currently reporting 0 cases, says the option of staying home was off the table because she needs to do laundry at her parents’ house.

Anna’s mom Rosemary Garcia is thrilled her daughter is willing to risk her life for home-cooked blueberry muffins, and adds that possibly dying will be worth it for the chance to make suggestions to Anna about how she should do her .

Anna’s brother Gregory, a notorious face-toucher, is also visiting for the weekend, but is confident he can avoid infecting his mother by giving her very quick hugs and breathing through his mouth. “But to be safe I drove straight here from my place and didn’t stop, even to pick up food. So I guess mom will just have to cook for me.”

On the scale of all her Mothers’ Day gifts, Rosemary says she would rate below 2009’s Mamma Mia DVD, but slightly better than 1995’s macaroni art.