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29 things you didn’t know about Andrew Scheer and will NOT enjoy learning

Every person in the world has a lot of interesting things about them that you do not know but would love , and for a high-powered politician with a history in national politics, even more so. Unless that person is . Andrew Scheer’s life is full of factoids and tidbits, but while you’d think it would be important to get to know someone who may be the Prime Minister later this year, you’ll find that none of these will enrich your life in any way, and – in fact – are a poor use of your limited time and brainspace. After reading these facts, there is a good chance it will cause you to stare at your ceiling at night as you consider limiting the amount of internet reading you do every day.

1) Andrew Scheer’s parents’ names are James and Mary.

2) Andrew Scheer spent his childhood summers in the part of Ontario known as Mississauga.

3) Andrew Scheer once had a job as an insurance broker in Regina.

4) Andrew Scheer’s favourite food is hamburger helper

5) Andrew Scheer’s second favourite food is ‘bread’

6) Andrew Scheer used to take his then girlfriend (now wife) Jill to dates at Boston Pizza.

7) Andrew Scheer’s dog’s name is Ray, named after a nice man he met once named Ray.

8) Andrew Scheer’s middle name is James.

8) One of Andrew Scheer’s children has glasses

9) Every December 31 at 9pm, the Scheer family counts down to ‘midnight’ and then yells “Happy New Scheer!” No one kisses.

10) If Andrew Scheer had been born a girl, his name would have been Jen. But not Jennifer. Just Jen.

11) Andrew Scheer takes a nice warm shower in the morning.

12) Andrew Scheer makes his own beer in his basement called Scheer Beer.

13) Just kidding, he doesn’t do that, he just works.

13) Andrew Scheer’s favourite football team is all of them.

14) Andrew Scheer wears ties sometimes, but a lot of times he doesn’t.

15) Andrew Scheer prefers to drive automatic – not ‘the devil’s transmission.’

16) As a child, Andrew Scheer’s favourite thing on the playground was the slide.

17) Andrew Scheer just did an Ancestry.com report, and all of his ancestors were farmers, from an unspecified region of Europe.

18) Andrew Scheer once bought one of those charity hockey portraits you see in grocery stores.

19) Andrew Scheer had two childhood homes, both of which are now parking lots.

20) Andrew Scheer’s favourite part of Game of Thrones was that part in Qarth from the one time he watched an episode.

21) Andrew Scheer knows a LOT about refrigerators. Possibly too much.

22) Andrew Scheer eats multi-grain Cheerios for breakfast every day. He thinks of them as ‘Scheerios’, but he doesn’t say it out loud to anyone, because that’s his little secret to himself.

23) Andrew Scheer got mistaken once for Canadian comedian Sean Cullen.

24) Andrew Scheer owns seventeen different plastic water bottles.

25) Every Hallowe’en, Andrew Scheer dresses up as a vampire and buys a single box of Crispy Crunches to give to the neighbourhood children.

26) Andrew Scheer is the median height for Canadians.

27) Andrew Scheer washes his tea towels twice a week.

28) Andrew Scheer has an entire wine cellar of Barefoot wines.

29) For Andrew Scheer, the best day of the month is Coin Rolling Day, which is always on the 26th.

There! You see? You did not enjoy learning any of these facts, yet you read them anyway. Think about that and let it change your life for the better.