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Just look at the size of my tomatoes!

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Would you just look at those! Have you ever seen that big before? Look at that. Big. Red. Round. Now that’s a . You know, I wasn’t too sure this year because the summer started off a little cooler than usual. But that’s a good looking tomato.

And over here, lettuce! Fresh lettuce, right from the . Can you imagine how good that’ll be in a salad? My god. Let me just pick a little bit right now, we can have that tonight for dinner. Cut up some that cucumber I picked last week, and add some slices of…

Can you guess? That’s right! Tomatoes!

Yup, it’s all about getting some good summer heat to get perfect tomatoes. Careful with the water—can’t water the tomatoes when it’s too hot. Early in the morning and late at night, that’s when you need to do it. So you need heat, and water them when it’s not too hot.

Soil too, goodness gracious don’t forget the soil!

I’m telling you this because when you try this lettuce and those cucumbers and those tomatoes, you’re going to go out and buy seeds of your own. Because you’ll need this. You’ll really need this, just like I do.

Oh god. I’m sorry, I’m just getting a little emotional. I looked over your shoulder and saw how my carrots are coming along, and I realized that all these beautiful are making me feel very vulnerable right now.

I love you, you know that right? I love you, I care about, and I’m proud of you. I Jesus, just look at this radicchio. Could my father ever grow radicchio like this? Not on his life.

Not on your fucking life, dad.

Maybe we should go inside and get this salad going, clearly this is bringing some stuff up. No no, don’t bother with the peppers, they turned out shit this year.