“It's about states’ rights” says Ontario man flying Confederate Flag - The Beaverton

“It’s about states’ rights” says Ontario man flying Confederate Flag

HAMILTON – construction worker Keith Lipiec insists the hanging from the truck located about 150 kilometres from the U.S. border is merely “a celebration of states’ rights”

“The rebel flag represents our struggle against oppression by those D.C. bureaucrats,” said Lipiec, whose family immigrated to from eastern Europe in the early 20th century. “As our country’s oldest saying goes – ‘don’t tread on me.’

Despite having never been to the American South at any point, Lipiec maintains that he feels a deep connection to the flag.

“All them and Toronto try and say this flag is about ‘slavery’ or ‘America refusing to acknowledge its long and complicated of racial discrimination.’” Lipiec spit on the ground before concluding, “Good thing here in we don’t listen to the jew-run media.”

Leading reporters on a tour of his home Lipiec proudly displayed several flag hats and bumper stickers, each of them purchased in the province of Ontario. “Like they say, ‘if you don’t remember your history, you’re doomed to repeat it,” insisted the man who does not know what the War of 1812 was about.

Although Lipiec is furious that Canada has apparently already torn down all of its Confederate statutes, he really appreciated the “Southern pride” of New York-born president