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Unpatriotic baby cries throughout moment of silence

OTTAWA – Showing what witnesses agree was a complete lack of respect for the Canadian soldiers who lost their lives protecting our nation from foreign threats, an unpatriotic cried during the ceremony in Ottawa this morning, ruining the .

Starting at exactly 11:00:07am eastern time, nine-week-old Kellen Henderson, who parents say was fussy from colic and possibly anarchist leanings, let out what some critics are calling a borderline treasonous cry that lasted the entirety of what was supposed to be a time of sombre reflection for those who paid the ultimate price in service to their country.

“We are just as shocked as everyone else by our son’s display of national ungratefulness. We wish to sincerely apologize for his treachery, because apparently, he refuses to,” said Julia Henderson, mother of baby Kellen.

Many veterans of , Korea and were in attendance and had to endure the insulting and disloyal cacophony.

“It’s strange to me how such good, hardworking Canadian parents could spawns such hateful and immoral progeny,” said Sgt. Gordon D. Hughes, who fought at Juno Beach in 1944.

But some veterans, like Lt. Brandon Smyth who did three tours of duty in Kandahar province, defended the ’s outburst.

“I may disagree with what that baby is screaming, but I’d fight to the death to protect his right to scream it,” he said.


With files from Laurent Noonan