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Justin Trudeau and 10 other Marxists you should know

has labelled Justin Trudeau (and his father) “Marxists”, a term used to describe people that adhere to the economic and political philosophies of Karl Marx, namely that workers should overthrow the bourgeoisie and seize the means of production and there should be no more private ownership of business or real estate. Now you may be wondering how this term applies to a centrist politician like Trudeau. Well to help you understand further we’ve put together a list of 10 other famous Marxists you should know about.

10 Ayn Rand

Doesn’t matter how many terribly written books you publish about rugged individualism if you spend your golden years living on social security with a government funded healthcare plan. Atlas Shrugged (off his principles).


The man oversaw a government with publicly funded healthcare. According to every Republican politician ever, that’s pure Marxism .

8. Adam Smith

If you’ve read your Marx you know that you can’t have a communist revolution without first having the ascension of the bourgeoisie over the traditional aristocratic landowners, so in that way Smith creating the foundations for a free market economy was just a mile marker on the road to the Russian Revolution.

7. That weird 45 year old billionaire who keeps getting profiled about his plans to live to 200

We don’t know how Marx would feel about using your son as a boy to reverse the aging process, but the man was into some weird shit so maybe he’d be down?

6. Friedrich Engels

The ‘Garfunkel’ of the Communist Manifesto writing duo, Engels undoubtedly agreed with many of Marx’s points and would be happy to be described as a Marxist, although he probably wished the term Engelist rolled off the tongue better.

5. Ronald Reagan

He was head of a union AND from California!


She famously said “the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s . Which is why we should abolish currency and simply issue all workers food, clothes and a roof over their head. Also let’s talk collectivization.”


If he wasn’t a communist why did he make all his products in China?


He’s been owned online so many times he’s basically a common good.

1. Pierre Poilievre

Lives in public ? Check. Works for the government? Check. Was probably the most annoying guy in every poli-sci seminar he ever walked into? Double check. All these things scream “I keep a paperback copy of the Communist Manifesto in the back pocket of my Jeans and I hope you notice me reading it.”