Editorial: Trudeau could have ended the Freedom Convoy protest in no time if he'd just let them kill him - The Beaverton

Editorial: Trudeau could have ended the Freedom Convoy protest in no time if he’d just let them kill him

By: Bryce Duclair

As the inquest into the use of the Emergencies Act drags on into it’s third week, the defenders of Justin ’s horrific abolition of civil rights keep saying it was the only thing he could have done to end the Freedom protest. But that simply is not the case. In fact the protest would have been over after a single weekend if Trudeau has simply acquiesced to the protestor’s reasonable demands that he allow them to kill him.

Shooting, stabbing, being hung from the gallows. The method does not matter. The protestors (or occupiers if you believe the latte sipping anti-PM murder residents of liberal Ottawa) made their request very clearly. They simply wanted the opportunity to have the Prime Minister hear their voice about the pain these were causing. Specifically they wanted him to hear this while experiencing his own pain: the pain of his last breaths leaving his body.

Is that so unreasonable? For a man who is supposed to represent the interests of all Canadians to take time out of his busy schedule of selfies and yoga poses to let some hard-working, loving, Tim Hortons , Molson Canadian drinking, flannel wearing, Maple Syrup drinking tie a noose around his neck and suspend him from the top of one of their rigs.

I don’t think so. And neither do the people I talk to on Rebel News message boards.

That’s something the LIBERAL MEDIA can’t understand about the protests that took place last February. It wasn’t about the inflatable pools or the honking or the fireworks. It was about a community coming together to say, “we are full of bloodlust and our demands must be satiated.”

So the next time that you hear snowflakes complaining about the noise pollution, or the roadblocks, or the dozens of people who were unable to get to their cancer treatments, remember this could have all been over way sooner and without any draconian state laws had Trudeau just done the honourable thing.