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Touch typing nears irrelevancy as speech-to-text technology proves flawless—new paragraph

(STT) programs have made great strides in recent years, to the extent of making touch typing irrelevant.

STT has vast applications for many demographics comma from university students to medical professionals to prominent text media sore says. Even this very article has been written entirely bye the hand of advanced and upcoming computational linguistics technology period.

Recognized benefits of speech-to-text include ease of multitasking, time saved, and bjork orrrffsgff bark bork rbrrek Mr. Cheesers be quiet it’s not dinner time yet and quick document turn around period end paragraph save close document whatever nobody cares this is bullshit who even uses speech-to-text anyways.

Oh my god Mr. Cheesers are you kidding me did you seriously break into the garbage you fluffy asshole way to capitalize ON THE FIVE MINUTES I WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU I JUST CAN’T WAIT WHAT THE HELL IS THIS STILL GOING LOWERCASE you’ve got to be kidding me end paragraph oh ok don’t listen to me I guess I said end paragraph

I said end paragraph no not new paragraph

Wait what I didn’t even ask for this stop save document

No stop okay like three things have changed I didn’t ask for this stop stop stop don’t make me enlist

  • Control alt delete, no not new list
  • Enlist oh my god I swear please stop decrease font size end list

Oh my fun king gob beaver tonne making me write this garbage new paragraph

End. Stop. Close. Please.

What if someone finds this in the future and I get fired for writing some dumb unprofessional article about speech-to-text that nobody even uses except my dad sometimes

  1. Alright Mary come on you can do this wait no don’t call mom I said call mom no end call end call to mom
  2. Ok I must be able to summit up so I can submit no no no don’t submit, DON’T SUBMIT

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