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Highlights of the Liberal’s 2022 budget

Amidst a war in Ukraine, high cost of living and the return of Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim, Finance Minister has tabled the second of her tenure. Let’s take a look at some of the key items:

: The Liberals think the environment is good and it’s good that we have one. Therefore they will spend billions of dollars to undo the harm from carbon emissions caused by the oil project they approved yesterday.

Deficit reduction: The proposed deficit is only 52.8 billion, less than half of what it was last year. At that rate the government will actually be making money in a couple years!

: Between a temporary ban on foreign home ownership to a new tax free home-savings account the Liberals hope to make buying a home a dream reserved for the rich to one that’s available to the pretty rich as well. And their kids.

Financial growth: To spur economic growth Canada will give private investors the kind of tax breaks and financial support that would be called crony capitalism if Conservatives were behind it.

: The Liberals are investing in a national charging station infrastructure and a multi-million dollar PR campaign to finally convince your uncle that, yes, electric cars do work in the cold.

Health Spending: The budget doesn’t contain any new money for healthcare. In fairness things are pretty quiet on the health front these days.