Why Justin Trudeau being criticized by three far-right European politicians proves Canada's international reputation is in tatters - The Beaverton

Why Justin Trudeau being criticized by three far-right European politicians proves Canada’s international reputation is in tatters

By: Armond DeFrame

Remember when was respected? Before Justin took a woke hammer and shattered the glass of our international reputation? I sure do. I remember when Canadian politicians could travel anywhere in the world and receive nothing but thunderous applause breaks and standing ovations. Stephen Harper couldn’t even walk down the streets of NYC on his way to the U.N. without people stopping him and talking about how great Canada was, and how lucky we were to have someone as smart and cool (and underratedly sexy) as him in charge.

But those days are over my . Now our allies have abandoned us, our enemies are emboldened and even our closest friends no longer think of us as a democracy.

Want proof? Look no further than our glorious leader’s visit to the European . You would think he would be hailed as a hero by a gathering of liberal Europeans. They would hold him over their shoulders and celebrate him as the boy-king feminist champion he claims he is in my dreams. But instead THREE different European politicians (who all happen to be hard right ideologues who think is a deep state conspiracy) called him out for his B.S. About time.

Whether it was the Croatian MEP who said COVID were the same as capital punishment criticizing Trudeau for his handling of the Freedom Convoy protests, the Romanian MEP who filed a human rights complaint over measures designed to keep people safe in a pandemic calling out Justin’s approach to vaccine mandates, or the German MEP who is a member of an extremist party that Germany considers a threat to democracy saying Trudeau is a threat to democracy, all three made the point very clear: Canada is no longer well-regarded on the world stage.

What is the one thing these three heroes have in common? Besides being apologists for the Putin regime and its invasion of Ukraine of course? That’s right. They aren’t afraid to say what our media has been paid too much not to. They aren’t afraid to tell Trudeau to his face exactly what they think, just like they aren’t afraid to say a lot of other things that our media won’t say, like how COVID was grown in a Wuhan Lab, or how the is run by a deep state cabal consisting of Trudeau, and the REAL .

So don’t pay any attention to any of those “scientific studies” that show Canada is one of the most highly thought of countries in the world. These three speeches show what people actually think of us and our so-called “elected leader.” And that Canadian media will repeat claims made by anyone with a title without doing any research into them. But that’s a secondary issue.

It’s too bad but we have to face facts. Our global reputation is ruined. Gone forever most likely. Or until 5 seconds after Pierre Poilievre is elected PM. Whichever comes first.