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Government employee quits, demands new 4 year contract

OTTAWA – Despite being just 2 years into a 4 year contract, local civil servant Justin abruptly resigned on Sunday, and then simultaneously demanded a brand new 4 year contract.

“It was odd. At first he was like, ‘this is untenable, I can’t do this anymore’ etc.” said the employee’s supervisor . “But then he immediately informed me he wanted a new, guaranteed 4 year contract. Only this time without Erin, Jagmeet or any of his other co-workers getting to weigh in on his work.”

“He also asked for a company car and a signing bonus, but I told him we don’t really do those.”

Mr. Trudeau has been employed by the Canadian government since 2015. There was a great deal of fanfare when he was first hired, but since then his performance reviews have generally evaluated him as “average”, “mediocre” and “only slightly better than the guy he replaced.” Still that hasn’t stopped him from making this quite significant demand.

“I told him that new contracts need to be approved by all the department heads, which usually takes between 8 and 48 months. He just got mad and asked if I knew who his father was,” added Simon.

If Trudeau isn’t given a new contract he is said to be considering leaving government work for a job in the private sector, likely at one of the companies he has found to have committed ethics violations in order to help.