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Bill C-10 requires YouTube to recommend Canadian radicalization videos

, which seeks to modernize Canadian content standards, will reportedly include provisions forcing ’s algorithm to recommend Canadian conspiracy theorists and alt right racists when radicalizing viewers.

“For too long ’s crackpots and extremists have been forced to compete with better-funded American lunatics,” explained Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault. “Now, when a teenager is consuming violent propaganda without his ’s knowledge, we can rest assured that he will be exposed to good old fashioned homegrown Canadian .”

Guilbeault was quick to point out how Canadian fringe vloggers “are just as hateful and talented as their American counterparts, but it’s tough for us to match their levels of paranoia – let alone their glitzy production values. Rebel Media is counting on these Bill C-10 protections, so that they can then produce propaganda videos denouncing these Bill C-10 protections.”

Experts worry that without Bill C-10, Canadian radical groups like the Soldiers of Odin or La Muete will struggle to break through.

“Even though the Proud Boys originated in Canada, most of their videos that entice angry young boys to join their ranks are produced in America,” Guilbeault explained. “Bill C-10 will fix that, by making sure it’s Canadian videos turning those young boys into Proud Boys.”

Many Bill C-10 proponents have cited the “hate talent drain” that sees Canadian extremists relocate to the as soon as they have found success. “Even Jordan Peterson relocated to a Siberian detox facility where he nearly killed himself with an all-beef diet. We hope that Bill C-10 would allow him to continue his work radicalizing disaffected young incels here in Canada.”

Experts point out that Bill C-10 will not only be a boon for Canada’s terrorist networks, but also for anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists, Men’s Rights Activists, and whoever is interviewing this week.

“Now, when an unsupervised preteen is being lured down a rabbit hole of radicalizing videos, he might get directed towards some of my campaign ads. Thanks Bill C-10,” enthused People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier.

In addition to requiring YouTube to prioritize Canadian radicalization videos, Bill-C10 will also team with Telefilm to offer incentives for Canadian propagandists. Tax incentives will be offered for hate videos that include Canadian historical landmarks, coffee, or appearances by Corner Gas’ Eric Peterson.

“Once Bill C-10 is passed,” Minister Guilbeault explained, “we’ll be able to support (noted anti-mask advocate) Chris Sky as he develops into the Canadian Tucker Carlson – once he finally surrenders to the authorities, that is.”