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Kindergartener hoarding crayons to make great landlord one day

TORONTO – Little Braydon Humphries, 4, a precocious kindergartener with a penchant for taking all the crayons for himself has already been pegged by his teacher as someone who will definitely be a one day.

“You can just tell he has what it takes to charge $1,900.00 for a basement apartment,” said his teacher Cindy as Bradyon screamed ‘mine, mine, mine!’ at any child who tried to take a crayon. “With no heat!”

“His confidence and decision making skills are really high for someone so young, so I know he’ll have no problem choosing to ignore months of emails advising that there was no water pressure, only to then send a separate email renovicting the tenants that complained.”

Braydon, who is described as a “lovely boy” by his mom and “the kid that bit me” by his classmate Suzie doesn’t know if he wants to be a landlord. Although he did admit that the idea of acquiring unnecessary property and wealth through no effort was appealing.

“My house. My condo. My money!” he said joyously. He then threw a plastic toy house at Jackson to keep him away from the crayons that Braydon was no longer using.

“He’s going to do well at Landlord and Board hearings,” added Cindy.

In related news the student pinching other kids just to see the look of pain in their faces was looking forward to his future career as a CEO.