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Racist facebook friend got married

Kitchener, ON – Reports from your account indicate that Mitch, a guy you once met on a camping trip and who has been posting increasingly racist memes for several years now, recently got married.

“Oh, the guy who posts about how indigenous people are tax cheats found someone who loves him. Cool. Cool. That’s cool,” you said from the bachelor apartment where you live alone. “Just goes to show there is someone for everyone.”

“I personally haven’t been in a relationship for about four years, but maybe I’m just not sharing enough clearly photoshopped images of ‘illegals’ beating up white people.”

According to the photos it was a small, socially distanced ceremony, attended by family, some white friends, the and the who has chosen to spend her life with this pair of oakley sunglasses perched on top of a mean, ugly face.

“I don’t know why I never unfriended him when he attacked Syrian refugees, but this might finally do it,” you advised.

At press time a quick scroll of the bride’s facebook page had revealed that, yup, she’s racist too.