Heartwarming! This kid is scared of her first day of school for regular reasons - The Beaverton

Heartwarming! This kid is scared of her first day of school for regular reasons

Remember those first day of school butterflies? Worrying that you wouldn’t have the right backpack, or make any new friends. Well this tradition is being kept adorably alive as 10-year-old Madison Flenning has admitted to being nervous over her return to school, not cuz she’s scared of catching or spreading the COVID-19 virus like everyone else, but for regular kid reasons!

As Madison prepares to begin Grade 4, she’s reportedly worried because she spent most of the summer, “hanging out with Priya and Ainsley, but barely talked to Mary.” How quaint is that? You’d barely realize there’s an unprecedented global pandemic threatening the lives of millions when this kind of old-fashioned friend drama is brewing!

Hey kid, never change, unless it’s your handwashing habits to ensure that you don’t spread coronavirus to your classmates or teacher!

While the rest of Madison’s pals are losing sleep due to their parents’ anxieties over lax back-to-school COVID protocols, she’s lying in bed worrying whether Trevor S. will remember how she shared her Gogurt with him last year. Oops! Better not share any more gooey snacks this year! Better yet, don’t get inside each other’s 6 foot breathing space at all!

Young Madison has reportedly expressed concern over laying out the perfect first day of school outfit, seeming to express zero concern that her cool new sweater won’t provide any additional PPE benefit. She also said she hiopes she “doesn’t get in Mr. Derkins class”, unaware that the notoriously mean teacher is currently self-quarantining due to COVID exposure.

When asked what she’s most nervous about this school year, did Madison answer “COVID” or “virus comorbidities” or even “becoming an asymptomatic carrier and bringing the virus home to my unsuspecting Nanny and Grampie”? Heck no! She answered, “I guess I’m just worried that I won’t fit in, you know?”

Well Madison, we think that’s fantastic! Also, if you’re really concerned about fitting in, may we suggest getting really terrified of the COVID-19 virus, the way that most if not all of your fellow classmates are doing right now!