Yukon’s first mosque opens, CBC immediately greenlights tv series - The Beaverton

Yukon’s first mosque opens, CBC immediately greenlights tv series

SUDBURY – A month after ’s first mosque opened its doors, CBC announced today that production has begun on a series focusing on the mosque and the quirky residents of the surrounding area.

Sources report Little Mosque by the Tundra was greenlit within five minutes of the mosque’s opening, and by the end of the day, CBC had hired some of Canada’s best known white people to write, direct and produce the two season order. The intense three day development process was said to consist mostly of finding old Little Mosque on the Prairie scripts and adding more references to snow.

The series, which is filming in Sudbury for tax reasons, will feature Canadian icons like Dan Akyroyd’s sister, William Shatner’s aunt’s dentist and a complete lack of Indigenous representation for some reason.

“Little Mosque by the Tundra was a natural fit for us,” said CBC’s President and CEO, Catherine Tait. “It’s about the right kind of brown people, and it’s a risk we feel confident taking because we’ve literally done it before.”

CBC has also announced futuristic family drama Green Gables: 3020, and a 10-part docuseries starring the ghost of Mr. Dressup. “We thought we were running out of ideas to reuse, but then we realized – if you make a slight change to the setting of a series, you can pretend it’s a different show” a CBC spokesperson confided, while standing in front of a publicity still for the new crime series Murdoch Mysteries But It’s The 1940s.

The community in Whitehorse is cautiously optimistic about the series: “It was a relief to discover the white people staking out our mosque were just there for research purposes,” said Muhammad Javed, president of the Yukon Muslim Society, adding “I wondered why Gerry Dee kept showing up to Friday prayers”.