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Budding douchebag shows up with Ayn Rand novel

REGINA – Reports are circulating that Taylor Klint has continued his evolution along the spectrum by publicly reading and quoting from .

“I knew where he was headed when I saw him last month and he was talking about his MMA training,” said former University friend Michelle Martin. “But I figured we had more time before he got to this level.”

“At this point, I’m just trying to remember the good times we had,” she added.

Klint was lent his copy of ’s plotless polemic about the benefits of corporate greed by a venture capitalist he met at an EDM concert. He is said to have found the stilted writing and first year level economic philosophy “pretty fascinating.”

“Once someone contracts douchebaggery, there is little that can be done,” said scientist Ali Ruwaidah, head researcher at the John Mayer memorial institute for d-bags. “ cells will try to fight it off, but inevitable the person will show up to your pool party with a shark tooth necklace and a tribal tattoo.”

At press time Klint had started posting clips from on .