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Crazy! Latest mass shooting ridiculously blamed on easy access to things that shoot

– In another ‘you have to read it to believe it’ situation, a few wacky experts are blaming the latest on the shooter’s easy access to things that shoot. Seriously!

I mean, we all know that it can be kind of tough to figure out why one of these shooting people shot people. But the prevalent and unobstructed access to shooting tools? That’s a new one! Next time they’ll be saying that drunk driving fatalities are caused by access to cars or plane bombings caused by access to As if we’d ever prohibit or regulate that kind of access!

We can’t even get over this nonsense! They’re really blaming the shooting on the possession of the very implement required to perform the actual shooting? Think about it! The source of the verb used to describe this very event is being blamed for the event it is describing? That’s wild!

Still, this sort of thing goes hand in hand with attempts by the government to politicize things. Hey, government! Your job is to govern! Not come up with laws to protect people from outside harm! We’re not sure about you but we’ve never heard of any laws that stop people from doing things or buying things. Talk about science fiction!

The biggest hole in this “things that shoot” idea is that it wouldn’t even stop anything. If private people weren’t able to get things that shoot, they’d still figure out how to shoot things using their arms, or eyes, or they could throw something really fast maybe, or how about shouting so loud it would have the same effect as a shooting thing? These are all just top of the head ideas and already it completely discredits this nutso explanation.

So please, enough already. There’s obviously some other explanation for why shootings happen that has nothing to do with the enormously ready supply of stuff whose sole function is to shoot. Like what about curbing access to violent which let these people fantasize being characters who themselves have easy access to shooting things? Whatever it is, probably someone will figure it all out by the next time a shooting happens using a shooter thing.

Whoops, by the time we finished this. Another shooting happened and the shooter used like five different shooting things and they didn’t even end up using three of the shooting things and killed most people with just two and the other ones were just like bonus shooting things just in case.

I’m sure they’ll figure this out for the next….. nope….. another shooting happened again….

Maybe next…..damn.