Unvaccinated truckers demand Canada's government change US government's rules on unvaccinated truckers - The Beaverton

Unvaccinated truckers demand Canada’s government change US government’s rules on unvaccinated truckers

– Hundreds of truckers took to the road to demand the reversal of the federal Canadian government’s US federal government’s decision to not allow unvaccinated truckers into the United States.

Confused onlookers and motorists applauded what they thought was a very late Christmas parade as the long string of big rigs stretched across the Highway.

“I can’t even break quarantine laws in my own country because I won’t be allowed to enter the US!” said one irate trucker. “Canada must call off US Customs and lift President Joe Biden’s oppressive laws.”

Many of the unvaccinated protesters explained that a government can’t force them to be vaccinated or have a basic understanding of civics and national sovereignty.

“We’re going to and then Washin…well, we’ll get as close to Washington, DC as possible,” said a member of the who unwittingly joined a veiled Wexit protest.