BC anti vaxxers excited to see what the inside of a school looks like - The Beaverton

BC anti vaxxers excited to see what the inside of a school looks like

SALMON ARM, BC – who stormed three schools in BC’s Southern Interior were excited to finally see what a school looks like from the inside.

Those who came to bully school administrators and terrify students wandered vacant hallways and peered into classrooms where, according to legend, dangerous learning occurs.

“So this is where my children I never see spend 6 hours a day,” said a man wearing an Infowars t-shirt occupying a vacant science classroom. “I was expecting to see a lot more torture equipment and gay propaganda, but all I found was this Bunsen burner and cryptic table of elements that aliens must have given us.”

The mob of misinformation took a tour in the “book stacking room,” beheld the wonders of chalk, and played “corner the principal” in the gym.

One of the protesters who helped cause a board-wide lockdown explained that after seeing the horrors of public education for the first time, she will be pulling her daughter out of the classroom and enrolling her full time in YouTube.

In addition to occupying hospitals and schools, the protesters have added orphanages to their list simply because they’re complete dicks.