Adorable? This cow and dog are best friends but the cow keeps feeding the dog QAnon propaganda - The Beaverton

Adorable? This cow and dog are best friends but the cow keeps feeding the dog QAnon propaganda

Times are tough! There’s no denying that. To begin to list through everything that’s been causing us stress this year would be redundant, we get it. But we wanted to show you that there is still some good in the world!


Meet Pepper and Vernon, Pepper is an Australian blue heeler, and Vernon is a brown cow. What may seem like an impossible combination is actually the opposite! Pepper and Vernon are the best of friends! Adorable! Well… maybe? Vernon really seems to be into , and if we’re being completely honest, that doesn’t seem too cute.

Pepper was adopted by the Trepanier family on their farm in rural British Columbia. When the family brought her home, she didn’t get along too well with Vernon at first, and we don’t want to be judgy, but it may have been because Vernon spent most of his time browsing 4chan and praising the alt-right.

But after spending some time together on the farm, through the fields, water and reading through countless profiles with an obscene amount of slurs in their bios, the two grew closer than can be!

Well… most of that sounds cute, right? Right?

Ummm… maybe this is a metaphor in how two sides of the aisle can come together… yeah. Okay yeah that makes sense. These two are different species! No barrier can keep these two from cuddling up together after a long day while Vernon spends hours accusing of being a satanist drinking the blood of and begging Donald to save them-

Jesus fucking Christ.

Okay so maybe it’s not about that, but at least Pepper is just being polite right? The doesn’t seem to be actively participating in it. Maybe she genuinely cares about Vernon. Yeah okay, fine that’s a good angle-

Fucking hell, now Pepper’s accusing Justin of being George Soros’ puppet and denying the Holocaust.

Well thankfully Vernon the cow is expected at the slaughterhouse tomorrow, happy ending after all!