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Petite woman excited to flaunt child-sized mask

MISSISSAUGA, ON- 5’1” woman Alexandra Vega cannot be more eager to tell the world that she yet again is not like other girls, because adult-sized masks are too large for her perfectly small and feminine face.

Due to the stay at home orders, I’ve been behind on telling everyone that adult-sized things are too big for me,” explained Vega. “But as soon as I learned that masks would be mandatory in my city, I knew it was my opportunity to get back out there and let everyone know how teensy-weensy I am!”

Vega, who claims to have stopped growing “literally in like grade seven” often has difficulty finding clothing items in her unique size, which is a 0 or a 2.

I’m just like soooo tiny, so shopping is always a nightmare for me. I can’t tell you how many times employees have come up to me thinking I’m someone’s lost child,” she stated. “I was worried that I would never find a mask to fit my microscopic nose and jaw, but luckily the Baby Gap had some great options!”

Morgan Hall, CEO of Baby Gap, explained that petite women actually make-up a sizeable demographic of their customer base. “Around 47% of our products are not actually purchased for babies, but are in fact, for women under 5’2,” she explains. “Is it kind of weird? Hell yeah. But they give us a lot of free advertising, so I’ll take it”.

When asked why she enjoys boasting about her size, Vega expressed: “I’m just different from other girls I guess… so I want to share my unique experience with the world. Also, I think it’ll get me laid.”

At press time, Vega can be seen forcing patrons in the grocery store to compare glove sizes with her.