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Introspective carpenter finds her shelf

KELOWNA, BC – carpenter Marybeth Dinh, 35, who left her accounting in to escape from the rat race into the picturesque BC interior, announced to and family via this morning that she has finally found her shelf.

“I have been working on my shelf for several years since my move to Kelowna,” said Dinh. “There have been highs and lows: Losing my shelf in the verdant forests, helping and being helped by other shelf-less people, thinking I had understood my shelf and then realizing I was looking in the mirror at shelves I do not even recognize…the journey has been long.”

“Finally, this year,” she concluded. “I have found what I know in my heart to be my true, authentic shelf, and I wish the same for all of . As the Ancient Greek carpenters said in one of the Delphic maxims: know thy shelf.”