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BREAKING: Local dog feeling great

KAMLOOPS — Late-breaking reports indicate golden retriever, Max, is loving life and is just having the best day.

“Woof! Woof!” shouted Max the to a crowd of fascinated onlookers at Brocklehurst Dog Park. Eyewitnesses report that Max has been spotted running laps around the park in a manner indicative of extreme Early reports also describe Max drinking water in a manner indicative of extreme joy, as well as occasionally napping in a manner indicative of extreme joy.

Max is also currently sporting an expression that has been described as both “stoked” and “”.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” admitted bystander Sheila Cobbs, 27. “With the state of the news these days – global warming, refugee crises, everything on Twitter – this dog somehow manages to not only feel but to catch a frisbee [in his mouth].”

“It really makes ya think, eh,” added Cobbs as she watched Max enthusiastically sniff the hindquarters of a nearby poodle.

Onlookers were concerned during a brief barking match Max held with a nearby terrier, though all were relieved when the golden retriever returned to feeling frigging amazing.

“Max’s joy has really put my own crushing into perspective,” said office temp Mark Byers, 36. “It hasn’t made me feel better, per se, but it’s impressive to see just just what I’m stacked up against.”

Sources remain split as to whether Max’s positive attitude is a recent development, or if the 4-year-old canine has in fact been crushing it on the reg. Still, all sources concur that as of this moment Max the dog is feeling super happy and just can’t even.

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