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Report: Mom not too keen on Charles

CHARLOTTETOWN, – After many months of public uncertainty, sources have confirmed that really could do with a lot less of Charles today, you know?

“It’s been long-established that Mom really was very fond of the Queen, because of the War and all,” prominent Royal succession experts told reporters earlier today. “But even though we’ve been sifting through evidence, until today we haven’t been able to conclusively determine whether Charles seems nice enough to Mom, or whether she sees him more as just a clueless sod in a dumb hat.”

Additionally, investigators noted a verified comment from Lynn, Mom’s friend from from before she retired, that she thought “it was nice that Charles finally got to marry that woman from before.” However on further questioning, it became clear that “Lynn’s information could not be relied on, because she always had kind of a thing against Diana, because of what she did to Fergie.”

However, the question of whether Mom thinks we should all just give Charles a break or not was finally resolved when Dad hear Mom mutter to herself “well, I wish I could get somebody to carry ME around in a chair.”

At press time various Mom analysts have confirmed she would definitely not say that if she didn’t think Charles really could stand to get knocked down a peg or two.