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Toddler news: Mom has her own mom, and her name is Grandma

Bunny Hop Preschool – In shocking news to toddlers everywhere, it has been discovered that Mommy has her own mommy, and you’ll never guess who it is. Grandma! 

It may seem hard to believe, because Mommy doesn’t even live with Grandma, but it’s true. Studies show that Mommy used to be a kid (just like you!) and Grandma took care of her. Back then, Mommy wasn’t even called Mommy. Grandma was called Mommy, and Mommy had a totally different name: Jennifer.

Studies also show that Mommy doesn’t like it when you call her Jennifer.

That’s not all. According to inside sources, Grandma is also Auntie Sarah’s mommy. It’s almost like Mommy and Auntie Sarah are sisters! 

“Yes, your mommy is my big sister,” Auntie Sarah reveals in an exclusive interview. “And your grandma is our mommy, and your grandpa is our daddy.”

If what Auntie Sarah says is true, it’s highly likely that Grandma and Grandpa are married. That means they kiss. Huh?? What started as a simple investigation into Grandma’s true identity has turned into a full-blown scandal. Mommies. Daddies. Sisters. Kissing. Jennifer. It’s all too much. 

And did you think this was just your family? Think again. Groundbreaking research shows that everyone has a mommy. There are mommies all over the world, and they go by all sorts of names: mom, mum, mami, mama, ummi, and Jennifer. It’s a worldwide conspiracy!

“Babies grow in their mommy’s tummy,” explains Auntie Sarah. “Your mommy grew in Grandma’s tummy, and you grew in your Mommy’s tummy. Isn’t that lovely?”

Babies growing in tummies? Hmm… maybe this Auntie Sarah isn’t such a trustworthy source after all. 

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