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Friend insists you gotta watch first 17 seasons of TV show before it gets good

, Internet – Your friend just scolded you for giving up the show he wanted you to watch after you reported only watching the first three seasons and not liking it.

“Dude, you didn’t even give it a chance,” explained Matt Smith, your co-worker who you have spent too much time with not to call your friend. “The first three seasons are traaash. So are the next 14 seasons. But you gotta get through just the first 17 seasons, that’s when it really starts cookin’.”

Matt went into a long explanation of how the manga and original novellas are actually required reading to better understand the world and once you read all 46 volumes, the show makes much more sense.

“That’s not to say there aren’t good episodes in the first couple seasons,” said Matt unconvincingly. “In the 8th season there’s a bottle episode where all the characters look in all these different places for a bottle.”

Matt also brought up the massive online fanbase the show has accrued over it’s 30 seasons, all of whom constantly share how its poor quality is actually “camp value,” which is apparently a good thing. That said, there are also a few members who actively try and dissuade new people from enjoying the show, stating things like “if you don’t like the show after 30 seconds, you’re never going to get it.”

“The creators know it’s bad,” laughed Matt, beginning to sob. “But that’s what makes it so good, after watching 800 hours of the show that’s when it really starts to click. It all makes sense, you… you just have to make it to Claire. She… we don’t know if she’s a robot until it’s revealed she is, FUCK. Or… is she?”

After meeting Matt, you went home to discover that he had built an encampment outside your home, protesting your lack of enthusiasm for the show and promising only to leave if you give the series another 300 hours of your time before quitting.