Oh great, the Gastown Steam Clock is vaping now - The Beaverton

Oh great, the Gastown Steam Clock is vaping now

UGH. Just when you wanted some relief from that tacky tourist clock Vancouverites love to hate, the timepiece has taken up vaping so it can be even more unbearable.

It seems like this young, impressionable ticker picked up the habit from some other steam clocks, and can’t stop puffing its Juul every 15 minutes trying to look like it’s some time piece from the not-too-distant future.

Wow, you’re so cool now, Victorian clock that was actually built in 1977.

Now, this Big Ben-wannabe is pouring out a sickly-sweet tropical smell of a strawberry and pineapple blend along with plenty of nicotine, and no one asked for it.

Go chime somewhere else, you douchey time keeper.