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Fortune and Ski Magazine mix up their lists of Top 50 moguls

NEW YORK CITY / BOULDER, CO – In an unprecedented publishing goof, both Fortune magazine and Ski Magazine have independently published a list of Top 50 moguls featuring a variety of mogul that did not pertain to their particular magazine’s interest.

Fortune magazine puts out an annual list of the top fifty most powerful business leaders, but this year ran an article describing the fifty best mounds on the sides of snowy hills. Similarly, Ski magazine inexplicably ran an article profiling captains of industry instead of their regular list of the the best bumps in the world to ski over.

“I am furious,” said longtime Fortune subscriber Dennis Hill. “I love reading about rich people and how much money they have, and this is just a bunch of dumb snow bumps. Not only that, all fifty of the snow bumps look the same to me. It’s the same thing over and over. How did this get by the editors?”

Fortune editorial team released a statement of apology, but ultimately could not explain what happened. “You know, under the pressure of a deadline, maybe Jeff Bezos kind of just looks like a snowy mound? You know, if you squint? That’s all we got.”

Ski Magazine has been scrambling to deal with the fallout after readers have flooded the venerable magazine with complaints. “I HATE looking at the smug faces of middle aged white men when what I thought I was looking at was beautiful white snow humps,” said Ski Magazine subscriber Audrey Hill, Dennis’ wife.

“Lots of people are cancelling their subscriptions,” said Ski Magazine content director Samantha Berman. “We might have to stop making the magazine, or as skiers say, ‘bail!’”

At press time, the owners of Fortune and Ski Magazine were encouraging their subscribers to simply switch the usual placement of their magazines on their coffee tables, because it turns out their subscribers are the same 5 households who still read magazines.

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