Sadly, today’s college students won’t let me exercise my free speech just because this is a silent reading room in a library - The Beaverton

Sadly, today’s college students won’t let me exercise my free speech just because this is a silent reading room in a library


Nobody else is saying it, so I’m going to—today’s college students are spoiled. By allowing them to cower in “safe spaces” and “quiet study zones” and “single occupant washrooms”, we may let them stay in their P.C. bubble, but at what cost? If the students in this reading room only ever see their engineering and psychology textbooks, will they ever get to hear dissenting opinions? Like about how funny it is when women with boobs jump on trampolines? Unfortunately, whoever insisted that this room in the be silent almost certainly had one goal in mind: the silencing of strong, radical voices like mine. But alas, these days, students have simply chosen to repeat their own words over and over. A chilling chorus:

“Shhhhhhhh! Can you quiet down please? This is a library.”

The fact that some young people are intent on silencing my voice only came to my attention recently, when I was shocked to learn students at a college did not want me to speak there. Only thanks to my courage in threatening legal action, did I to perform for a community that does not value my opinion or find me entertaining. But sadly, this P.C. nonsense has extended beyond on college campuses, into the very bedrock of learning–this stupid library, where apparently all the sexy librarians have been forced to put on pants and do up their shirts. (Thanks, .)

Sure, there are other places men with regressive views can speak freely and know their words will be valued—maybe on cafeterias, classrooms, talk radio, podcasts, the congressional hearing I got to do yesterday. But that isn’t the point. If there remain spaces where SJWs can choose not to listen to people they don’t respect, is free expression really meaningful? And why is a security guard telling me something about “no liquids besides bottled water” and “throwing out my beer”?

There was a time when young people had the courage to listen to those they disagreed with, before precious snowflakes decided they needed “peace and quiet” to “study.” For example on The Man Show, we used to pay an 11-year old boy to wander around the beach and sexually harass women on camera. Did these women necessarily agree with the opinions of this small boy? Perhaps not. But unlike today’s college students, they had the gumption to listen to him for a few minutes before calling the and/or child protective services.

What makes me so mad is that these students want to shut me out when they have no way of knowing what my opinions are. Judging me on the basis of a 20-year career on nationally syndicated is a completely unfair tactic young people think they can use to decide on whether or not they value my opinion. Fortunately, when oppressors get confident, they get careless–there aren’t any “no talking” signs in the stacks on the third floor.