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Beleaguered Kendall Jenner launches #kendALLlivesmatter campaign

LOS ANGELES – Facing backlash for her poorly received protest-themed commercial, reality tv star has created the hashtag #kendALLlivesmatter to raise awareness of her plight.

“Kendall has always faced institutionalized oppression,” explained Kendall Jenner. “From systemic discrimination, to not being born with the same thick booty that made her sisters famous.”

The former Pepsi spokesmodel displayed thousands of negative online comments, in which her controversial commercial was described as “tone deaf”, “exploitative”, and “setting the cause of civil rights back 50 years”. Pepsi soon pulled its commercial, titled “Live for Now Moments Anthem”, but still Jenner reported being “traumatized” and “utterly baffled” by the online hate.

To counter the tidal wave of negativity, Jenner elected to fight back with her own #kendALLlivesmatter campaign. “So there used to be this hashtag game called ,” explained the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. “And I was like, ‘What a fun way to promote a brand message’.”

Jenner hopes her #kendALLlivesmatter will lead to a sharp drop in online shamings of Kendalls, along with an end to flaming bags of dog poop showing up on her doorstep. At press time the #kendALLlivesmatter hashtag had primarily been tweeted by Kendall herself, along with celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Brandon Jenner. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian remained unavailable for comment.

Asked if her newfound reinvention as a #KLM activist was daunting, Jenner remained resolute. “I don’t understand why people think protests are so scary. I went to a protest one time and there were a ton of attractive, multi-ethnic young people there. Everyone was super happy – even the handsome police officer I handed a Pepsi to.”

“Activists are awesome,” added Jenner. “I bet if Martin Luther King were alive, and he understood what an iPhone was, he would definitely tweet his support to #kendALLlivesmatter.”