Harold Ramis becomes world’s funniest Class 5 Free-Roaming Vapour - The Beaverton

Harold Ramis becomes world’s funniest Class 5 Free-Roaming Vapour

– Early yesterday morning, surrounded by family and loved ones, acclaimed comedy writer/director , age 69, crossed over to officially become the spirit world’s most hilarious ghost.

Best known for his work on defining comedy classics like , , , and , the newly-phantasmal Ramis is expected to become a key player in the apparitional comedy scene. His corporeal fans can be assured that he will continue bringing the same wit and intelligence to his upcoming celestial works, which will certainly be beyond the comprehension of mere mortals.

Reached for comment, entertainment blogger and transmedium Ivo Shandor opined, “If anyone can continue inspiring laughter and thought the way Ramis did, I imagine a Harold Ramis unconstrained by physical or dimensional boundaries would be a safe bet.”

After influencing a generation of comedians and actors with his deadpan yet absurd style, the newly-spectral Ramis will have an eternity to enjoy the rewards for his Earthly deeds while pondering the grand cosmic answers that he, a lifelong Buddhist, eagerly sought.

At press time, beloved comedian Harold Ramis was waking up in a parallel universe to a clock radio playing “I Got You Babe” and a second chance to live his final day to the fullest.