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God apologizes for snakes

HEAVEN – In an unprecedented public statement earlier this week, God, the Supreme Lord and Master of the Universe, Blessed be He, issued a heartfelt apology for the creation and proliferation of …


Local man builds actual adult life out of LEGO

KAMLOOPS – Local “LEGO Enthusiast” Mike Dobson has assembled a detailed representation of a functional adult life using the famous interlocking brick toys, which in no way resembles his act…


Stompin’ Tom timeline

A look back at key dates in the life of Canadian musical legend Stompin’ Tom Conners’ life. 9 Feb 1936: Stompin’ Tom Connors is born in Saint John, N.B. Stomps for the first time. 195…


Messier a LEGO man

A startling discovery is sending shockwaves through the NHL after it was revealed that Mark Messier is a LEGO man. A statement released last Wednesday by the NHL accuses Danish toy giant LEGO of …