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5 destination wedding spots to find out which friends like you $3000 worth

A wedding is a beautiful celebration of love. Two people’s love for each other but also their friends and families’ love for them. However, as we all know love is ephemeral until quantified by a cash amount. These 5 wedding destinations are a great way to test which friends love you thousands and not just hundreds of dollars worth.

Walt Disney World, Florida

Did you know that you can have a wedding in Walt Disney World? If you have enough people willing to fork over their hard earned cash to watch a wedding designed by a five year old you can.

Maui, Hawaii

Not only is this an expensive plane ticket but every purchase on this trip will be twice what it normally is. If Brad is really your best friend he won’t flinch at spending $12 on a Coors light.

All-inclusive resort, Jamaica

Although this isn’t as expensive as other places on the list don’t worry, the $2000 that guests spend will seem like $5000 when placed against the backdrop of poverty that is Jamaica.

Moncton, New Brunswick

Not super expensive, but by forcing guests to come to this shithole you’ll have put them through the kind of friendship test money just can’t buy. If they come, you know they truly love you.

North Pole

It’s everything you could want from a destination wedding: expensive, hard to get to and a place no one would choose to go there if they weren’t obligated. The endless white is great backdrop for pictures with your friends who love you enough to spend $10 000 to take part in your arctic wedding.

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