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Lonely Thomas Mulcair adopts 44 stray cats

OTTAWA – NDP Leader has adopted yet another stray cat, bringing the total number of felines in his one-bedroom apartment in Ottawa to 44.

Mulcair made the announcement on social media last night, however, fellow party members are becoming concerned about his ability to take care of so many cats.

“He really hasn’t been the same since his party voted to replace him last year,” explained fellow MP Guy Caron. “It first started with one cat he adopted from the local shelter, but he always said he could take on more. Now, he’s just been picking up any feline he finds on the street…even the ones with the collars.”

The Outremont MP has made several appearances in the House of Commons covered in a fine layer of cat hair and has left early explaining he needed to purchase more cat litter or had a vet appointment.

“You’ll have to excuse me, I need to pick up Tommy Douglas Jr’s ear medicine,” said Mulcair during Question Period. “And I think Mr. Woodsworth and Mitsy have worms so I won’t be here tomorrow.”

The Ottawa Humane Society reported that Mulcair is barred from the premises after he took home every single one of their cats using a variety of disguises and aliases.

“We keep a photo of [Mulcair] on our wall just in case someone forgets,” said an Ottawa Humane Society spokesperson pointing at MP’s portrait. “We also informed shelters within a 100 km radius about him.”