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Top 10 Heritage Minutes to make love to

Take a look at the hottest Heritage Minutes that you didn’t even know would kickstart your love life.

10. Agnes Macphail
Get tied up and spanked as the first female MP, chastises a room full of men for their fifty shades of corporal punishment.

9. Jackie Robinson
Swing your bat with the first African American to play major league baseball as he takes the field with a bunch of hot and sweaty Frenchmen.

8. Multiplex Movie Theater
Sure the story of how Nat Taylor created the first multiplex is so boring it is embarrassing to think that this warranted a History Minute, but that will just let you focus on the boning!

7. Orphans
Do it Irish style with the famine stricken orphans who get to keep their filthy Irish surnames. McMakin’ me horny.

6. Basketball
It’s not a foul if poke your broomstick into that old-timey janitor’s peach basket.

5. Winnie
A bear, some honey, and a blue cotton pea coat. Need we say more?

4. Jacques Cartier
The village? More like the pillage. No wait… it’s the village. Whatever, you’re having sex!

3. Explosion
Make your partner scream S.O.S. as ignites in one of the most devastating explosion in Canadian history. Boom goes the orgasms.

2. Wilder Penfield
That’s not burnt toast you’re smelling, it’s the smell of the hot sweaty sex you’re having. Or you’re just having a seizure.

1. Syrup
Now climax as you watch our Nation’s pride gush out of a tree trunk. Yummy.

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