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6-year-old placed on travel security list for radical beliefs in Santa Claus

Canadian born 6-year-old Syed Adam Ahmed has been placed on a travel security risk list following the revelation of his radical beliefs in .

Markham resident Ahmed was labelled DHP, or “deemed high profile”, after a led investigation sought to determine if he’d been bad or good. His belief in and adherence to a bearded man with no respect for flight regulations was not considered high risk activity until investigators discovered photographic evidence that the two had met at a mall in early December.

CSIS also uncovered correspondence from Ahmed to Santa Claus requesting supplies and promising payment of cookies and milk. Suspicious items on the list of requests included masks that could cover his face, a remote control drone, and a digital clock. Sources close to the investigation believe Ahmed was radicalized by colleagues while studying in first grade close to home.

Nonetheless, family members have appealed against Ahmed’s place on the travel security risk list. But it may be an uphill battle to have his name removed.

“It’s not just a matter of Ahmed’s beliefs,” said CSIS spokesperson Tara Murphy, “it’s his beliefs in conjunction with his actions. Ahmed believes that Santa Claus will deliver coal if he misbehaves, and yet refused to eat his vegetables on multiple occasions throughout the year. Clearly Ahmed hopes to receive a large shipment of this dangerous, flammable substance. For what purpose, we don’t know, but we’re working to make sure Ahmed is not a security risk to other Canadians”.

While federal public safety minister is working to remove Ahmed from the travel security risk list, regulations may require that Ahmed spend a probationary period on a registry known as the ‘naughty list’.

With files from James Bunting