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Man born with giant paper-maché head ready for another Halloween

SURREY, BC — After a year of self-imposed exile, Daniel Gauthier, a man with a strange and rare genetic condition, plans to emerge from his home. Every October 31st, Gauthier, who was born with an oblong paper-maché head is reunited with society. With his unique deformity, Gauthier only feels comfortable among the costumed.

From an early age Gauthier knew he was different. At age 7, he was knocked unconscious when children at a birthday party mistook him for a . A few years later, his head was permanently deformed when it was accidentally submerged in a bathtub. At 15, Gauthier started leaving glitter everywhere he went, even when he wasn’t eating glitter.

“Daniel was gifted with so many special attributes — having a big head for instance.” said mother Jackie Gauthier of her son’s condition. “Of course it comes with its downsides. The amount of times he’s been mistaken for a protester and sprayed with tear gas or whatnot…” she added.

Gauthier’s condition remains a mystery to doctors and arts ‘n’ craft specialists alike. Gauthier believes his father was an experimental scientist for Elmer’s glue while his mother insists his father was a cursed stack of newspapers. Others familiar with the story have speculated that a man with a paper-maché head is a questionable premise.