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Stephen Harper: ‘Running a deficit is not a good idea, unless I do it’

CALGARY — On Thursday, during The ’s Leader’s Debate on the Economy, Prime Minister advised green-horn candidate that running a deficit is a bad idea, unless of course it is done by himself.

“Mr. Trudeau here, has got it all wrong.” retorted Harper after Trudeau reiterated the Liberal Party’s plan to run a deficit over three years if elected. “Take it from someone who’s done it seven years in a row. You don’t just run three deficits. Don’t just stop at a hat trick; go for the streak.”

Mulcair then quickly interjected with an explanation of his childcare plan before each leader was scolded by the increasingly red-faced moderator, David Walmsley.

“There’s a certain style to running a deficit that Canadians have grown to be familiar with.” started Harper. “You base your platform on staying in the black but you finish in the red.”

“That’s just economics.” added Harper, winking to the moderator.

Harper then reminded viewers that the home renovation tax credit will help struggling Canadians who have their own show on .