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Donald Trump creating divide in GOP between racists and secret racists

Boise, Idaho — The results of a new poll released Friday suggest that Republican presidential candidate is creating a divide in the between its traditional base of overt racists and a newer generation of secret racists.

The divisive poll results come in the wake of Trump’s now infamous presidential bid announcement speech last month. The Apprentice star and toupéed billionaire made headlines in June with suggestions that Mexican immigrants were rapists and criminals, and that Mexican food was too spicy. The comments have since proven controversial among members including the party’s other nominations. Presidential hopeful , a fluent Spanish speaker and husband to a Mexican-native, initially skirted questions on Trump’s speech, but after some prodding admitted the controversy was “¡No bueno!”

According to the results of the poll, 46 percent of respondents claimed they agree with the spirit of Trump’s comments while 42 percent responded that Mexicans were criminal rapists. The other 2 percent simply checked “I’m not racist, but why is the food so spicy?”

Although cracks are beginning to form in the Republican party in the wake of Donald Trump’s comments, other polls show party members remain united on a number of topics including gun control, and being a total boner-killer.